My air purifier comes with three separate filters stacked on eachother

For the past six years, I only remember coming down with a cold one time.

It’s possible I was exposed to cold and flu viral particles on multiple occasions, but I either showed few symptoms if any or I failed to contract the viruses themselves.

When I was still in school years ago, I would get sick up to three times a year if I wasn’t careful about hand washing and things like that. After I nearly came down with pneumonia as a sophomore, I started to get serious about using hand sanitizer and not touching my eyes or mouth with dirty hands. It might seem trivial for someone who is used to never being careful, but it came in handy years later when the COVID pandemic started. At least by this point I had years of experience being careful with handwashing and the like. These days I’ve managed to stop myself from getting sick more than once a year. I still haven’t knowingly contracted COVID, simply out of my paranoia and constant mask-wearing tendencies when I’m in public near others. Currently I use an air purifier in my house that improves the indoor air quality even more than it is to begin with. I love how effective my air purifier is at air sanitization, as it contains three separate filters stacked on one another. There’s a dust filter, an activated charcoal filter for odors, and a HEPA filter for anything that isn’t collected by the first two. HEPA filters are rated to collect anywhere between 95% and 99.9% of airborne particles. Even tiny viral and bacterial particles are collected by air purifiers as they run.