Had a family gathering in the air conditioning

Instead of being afraid of the heat, we’ll start acting like we live here

I’m serious this year, then. When it comes to handling the cooling that we require in our homes, we will be proactive. Our fourth spring and summer will be coming up. The fact that it will be hot and muggy here needs to be accepted. The best way to handle that fact is not to hide inside the air conditioning of a house or office. We as a family need to accept the fact that even though we are not locals, we have become part of the community. Our behavior must reflect this. No longer can we simply let the air conditioning run riot inside our house. I had to take money out of my savings because my utility bills were so high. Simply put, it doesn’t happen anymore. That’s why my wife, kids, and I put together a small family gathering. I outlined my ideas and my plan. The temperatures are in the 80s during the busiest heating times of the day, so we aren’t turning on the thermostat. These times are approaching as March 1 is rapidly approaching. We are going to adjust to the increasing temperatures and humidity levels rather than immediately turning on the air conditioning. Soon enough, the heat pump will be operating day and night to provide cooling. However, if we can learn to tolerate the heat, we won’t need as much air conditioning in the summer. Instead of being afraid of the heat, we’ll start acting like we live here. Of course, our house will have air conditioning. But I simply want everyone to work together to cut down on the outrageous utility costs brought on by summertime air conditioning nonstop.


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