The heat pump means that humidity is not a concern

It is getting hotter outside.

  • And soon, temperatures and humidity levels will almost match.

It can be very unpleasant to deal with when that pair wakes up in the 90s and stays close to the century mark. We all have residential HVAC systems that are air conditioning-specific for this reason. What we actually need is cooling, not heating. Nevertheless, it’s par for the course. Furthermore, the hot and muggy weather in this area only lasts for about four months at most. A brief respite from the weather may come from a cold front, but that is incredibly rare. However, a hot summer is still preferable to the kind of winter our northern neighbors experience. I only got a taste of that mess before I sprinted back to the heat pump. Despite having a hot and muggy summer, we also have eight months of generally favorable weather. And as our winter comes to an end, I’m putting a cap on the climate’s best feature. To get some air conditioning, I even heard the first heat pump start up the other day. The heat pump actually maintains a stable level of humidity inside our homes because of the cooling process. Because of this, entering from outside feels incredibly crisp and cool. We would be in trouble with the level of humidity for a large portion of the year if it weren’t for this incredible HVAC technology. Problems would arise in addition to the discomfort caused by heat and humidity. No, everyone would have to deal with mold and mildew mitigation throughout the summer without the heat pump’s humidity control.



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