My son's compelling argument in favor of a smart thermostat

I was aware of my child’s intelligence. He was a pill before he left for college, though, man. Just how distinctive was the kid. Because he was constantly studying, there was a time when I couldn’t make him leave the central air conditioning. He was already checked out at home though once he had secured the scholarships and his acceptance to the college. He seemed to be creating his own rules or at least thinking he did. He had to abide by our rules in order to live in our home’s central air conditioning, but I wasn’t trying to dash his well-deserved confidence. He did, and we more than anything else relished his senior year. However, my son just blossomed when he finally attended his preferred school and moved into a dorm with radiant heating. It seems as though he discovered his passion and had unrestricted energy to pursue it. That’s where all the intelligence came from because he was doing so well academically. He’s now a sophomore, and while he was home for winter break, he ended up teaching me about HVAC technology. And as a result, I purchased some HVAC equipment that should significantly reduce my summertime air conditioning expenses. When it came to the smart thermostat, my son explained everything to me. He was very knowledgeable about them and presented a strong case for having a smart thermostat. It got to the point where I called the HVAC company to install the smart thermostat. I haven’t yet seen what this thing is capable of because we don’t require much heating. However, summer will soon arrive, along with all that air conditioning. My kid and I are making a bet, and I win big.



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