A woodstove in my house that didn’t go

My house was definitely decorated with a log cabin style of theme.

It was all wood, browns and oranges.

I have really updated the space. The outside was orange with brown trim. Now it is gray with light blue trim. Inside the house had half wood walls and half chicken wallpaper. I have painted white wood and gray walls now. The living room had a hideous brown rug, and a brick pad that housed a wood stove that was vented all the way to the roof. When I looked into it I realized that the homeowner merely made it a decorative piece. I had a HVAC guy come in to take a look at it. The guy told me that it was too small to be a home heater. It really was meant for a fishing shack or small cabin. I immediately ripped that sucker out of there. I demolished the brick pad and removed the rug. Now I have gray tile floors and access to the whole living room. I had to patch my wood ceiling, remove the protrusion off the roof and sell that heater system. The HVAC dealership didn’t want it due to its size. I ended up selling it to a guy that put the wood stove in his hunting shack. It was totally clean and in new condition. I got three hundred bucks for it and the guy took it the day I wanted it to. I can’t believe someone would go to work and spend the money to have a non functional heater.

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